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Delivery Information


It should be known to that we dispatch an order; we certainly don’t follow the instructions that are provided to us by the concerned postal offices. Hence we do not follow any rules and regulations that have been given to us by independent postal services. We are also not liable to help anyone with postal routes and to select the way of a procedure for shipping. But still, we always try to give our customers choices that help them and will be of most convenience to them.

Advertisements and promotions:

We realized the influence that a solid marketing and promotional campaign create so sometimes we may send such promotional stuff to our respective clients and customers. Thus, genuinely our clients may get several promotional items in the emails sent to them which can include some coupon codes. This will notify the clients about several discounts, services and deals. These coupons can contain some guidelines and terms to be able to attain your discount and the procedure includes using some code or given numbers. Therefore, it is better for you to first come across these terms and go tonight’s them thoroughly and then applying for the activation of that code. This will help the customers become more aware of the product and the services offered.

However, it is also important to understand that some discounts can only apply to a certain portion of the audience. The most reasonable way to check which discounts are for who and for degree of association that any customer has with our service.

It is a very simple and easy way to use a coupon and you just have to note down the number or code present on the coupon and put it into the space provided in the details about an order for getting the information about coupon with its number.

However, that particular coupon is only for a specific discount and can not be used for any other discount. Therefore every client must keep in mind that they can only use this coupon independently. If you decide to use a coupon code, you will not be allowed to use any other discount while placing an order with us. Therefore be very wise and cautious before choosing it.

Also, you should know that coupon codes that we will provide you will only cover those products which solely deal with our website. Therefore keep in mind that they will not be applicable for third party websites and even if you try to avail the discount, you won’t be able to. So even if the through party website links are given on our website the coupon code fail to function for the websites and there will be no results. Therefore all these codes are strictly and solely for our websites.

The coupon code will only be used for a certain specified discount in the price and will not be applicable for delivery charges or anything else. These codes are also exempt from any tax liability that you have and can’t be used for this purpose.

There are however few items which are in no way available at discount prices. It is solely we who can decide that which of the items these are and hence we are not liable in any way whatsoever.

Also, it is important for you to know that all the promotional contents are only for a certain period and can only be availed within that specified time. Many promotional contents may expire at the end of a certain season and we bear no liability and responsibility for when that is seen and found to be the case. But most probably the offers expire at the month-end. Therefore you need to be careful and conscious about when you use the coupon code and make sure before using that the code is still functional and then the discount can be still availed

Also, you should know that these coupon codes are sole to be used by you and they can’t be sold or transferred to anyone related to you. These coupons are not to be exchanged in return of cash and in case they are removed or deleted, we bear no responsibility for that.

Also once you have placed an order with ThePackagingBase you will not be able to use that certain coupon code for that product of you didn’t use it at the time of placing the order.

In addition to that, if you place an order using the coupon code and the order is still not completed for some reasons, the only amount will be paid back that you paid already. However no coupon amount will be refunded to you in any way and in many cases, if the deadline to use that coupon ends, the coupon and the code may remain non-functional.

In the case of return of a certain part of the order, all the terms and conditions will only apply to that specific portion.