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Privacy policy

We are a responsible and reliable packaging company that operates under significant privacy rules and regulations. All dealings and interactions with our customers are done under a code of ethics and legislation. The packaging base cares a lot about the privacy of customers. We understand our role well and design our privacy policy according to important measures to protect the valuable information of our clients or visitors. We ensure that all our policies are applied at the time when a certain action takes place on our website.

While trading or order execution, we may collect sensitive information from clients. However, we gather all the data under the rules and regulations of our privacy policy. We ensure not to pass any of your information to third parties such as companies, visitors, websites, and more. Our company is committed to excellence and reliability. Hence, the information you provide is only used on our website to complete the order.

We never break our client’s trust hence we preserve their information in the best possible way. Moreover, we ensure to preserve the trust of our valuable customers during and after their order transaction with us. Our website works under highly strict privacy policy rules. Hence, we never engage and collect with children under the age of 13. If we come to know after or during the transaction that you are under age, we will instantly cancel the order and take the necessary actions.

Collection and Use of Information:

Our website consists of various areas and parts where the users need to give important information while signing up or placing an order. We would like to clear the fact that we collect the information only to proceed with the transactions smoothly according to the laws and regulations. However, all the data we collect is voluntary and transparent. While clients visit, signup, or place an order on our website, we collect information that is needed in different sections.

This information could be the visitor’s browser name, domain name, IP address, version, date and time of visit, demographics, and more. All this data is stored in our log files automatically. The email address you provide will not be stored in our log files.

Once you decide to buy services from the packaging base or part of our website by signing up, you need to provide your information such as name, phone number, shipping address, email, and other personal information that is essential for us to proceed with your order efficiently. All this data is extremely important to complete the transaction on time without facing any issues. After the personal information collection, the next phase is about collecting your financial data for payments. Here the customers need to provide credit card numbers, or bank account information.

This is extremely sensitive data that we collect and protect under strict laws and regulations. Hence, we need such information to complete the transaction. We only share this data with our trusted partners like banks, logistics, and credit card companies. Other than these, we never share this information with anyone at any cost. You do not need to worry about the leakage of this voluntary information as we ensure its security properly.

With us, your personal as well as financial information I s fully secure without any risk. Hence, we ensure to proceed with all the transactions and orders smoothly while keeping in view the strict safety standards that are essential for the protection of our client’s sensitive information. Furthermore, our customers have the option to easily change or replace any information they provided to us.

The packaging base never sells or distribute any of the information of any user with third parties in any circumstances. The visitors can sign up for our account by providing email to stay updated with our marketing updates, new offers, promotions, sales, and more. You can also easily unsubscribe if you are not willing to receive all these messages. We will remove your information from our marketing programs after you unsubscribe from us.

How we protect your Information?

We are a reliable and trusted packaging company with a highly reputed market reputation. Customer satisfaction is our priority however we design the privacy policy exactly according to the needs of our customers. The security and safety level of our website is very high thus we ensure to protect your data in the best possible way. The information your share with us is our responsibility. We never compromise on its safety and ensure you do not share any personal, professional, or financial information with third parties.

Our client’s information security is our website security as both are interlinked with one another. The packaging base is a highly secure platform for everyone where you can provide information without any fear. Our website is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted which makes our website extremely safe. This gives immense protection to the information you share with us as SSL is the most advanced and reliable security system available on the internet. This ensures data security against leakage and threats. However, we do our best to make your information as much secure as possible.

We Use Cookies:

A cookie is used by almost all websites nowadays. This is a term that refers to the program that is stored on your computer by the site that you visited. In this way, the website easily remembers and recognizes you when you visit that site again or make transactions. However, your information will be stored in that website database for a long time. 

We use cookies exceptionally and securely to make your experience incredible with us. Your visits will remain relevant to us however, your purchasing or order transaction process becomes more convenient. We offer you an option to easily remove the cookies from your PC if you want to.

External Links:

We may have external links from other websites when required. Our clients should be careful while opening these links as we only take responsibility for our website security and not for any other website.

After declaring all the important points of our Privacy Policy, we make it clear that we have the authority to change this policy as a whole or at some points if needed. All the changes and new policies will be updated here.

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