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Terms & Conditions


To start the procedure of ordering and monitoring through our website you just need to put your email address up and register with our website. This will get you membership at ThePackagingBase. After that, you will be able to easily access our entire product collection and the list of services that we offer. You will also be able to receive latest notifications’, deals and sales offers which will keep you updated about the latest developments and will give you a lot of benefits. But before coming across all this, you will have to agree to all our mentioned terms and conditions and then you can easily access these features.

Also, you will have to provide only true, accurate and relevant indication while signing up for your account at our website. And you will have to provide your data with regular edits whenever needed. This is only to help you. 

It is also necessary for you to understand that not every feature is available that can be used by all. But it depends on the extent of association that you have agreed to keep and according to that, you will be allowed to see a specific feature. If you are quite faithful to our service and trust in us, it will be completed upon you to purchase the items that will be provided to you and you see on the website at the time of logging in.

To protect all the data that you have provided you will be provided with a different unique ID when you will register with us. And then you will be provided with a password that you can easily use to log into to your account every time you want to. We suggest you choose and strong password which is a combination of numbers letters and symbols and is difficult to guess. But if you doubt about your account being used for another person or someone is using it for harmful intentions, we advise you to immediately change your password and use a strong one this time. This will further enhance the security of your account. In case, you are not able to get access to your account, it is better to report it to us spontaneously so that we take all the needed measures to ensure that you can restore your account and your given information is completely safe. Hence, in case of any misuse of your account or your data, you must be willing to report to ThePackagingBase instantly.

Content ideas by customers:

There are so many boxes that need extra designing and use of additional images, graphics and pictures. So if you want to guide us in this regard and provide with this stuff, you are always welcome. But we would not be able to use this material for printing if it is stolen from some other websites or being used illegally. Hence, at the time of handing over au h content to us, you will have to certify that it solely bobs to you and isn’t obtained by any illegal/ duplicated/ forged means. Also, you are required to make sure that in case of any litigation or lawsuit, the workers, employees, agents or any other associates of ThePackagingBase will not be held responsible and liable to involve in those process and will be completely free of any kind of responsibility. If ThePackagingBase is involved in any way, it is you who will have to bear all the lawsuit expenses including the lawyers’ fees and the expense of settlement. We will not be able to do anything that could help you in this and it all will entirely on your shoulders.

We also want to inform you that ThePackagingBase doesn’t keep with the content provided by you for a very long time. We would only keep it with us for thirty days and after that, it will be with us no more. After that, the content is either removed or permanently deleted.

You are also bound to come with the following conditions and we hope you do not send us anything that belongs to the following categories:

•    Defamatory, illegal, harmful, obscene, suspicious, threatening.
•    Risking a person’s safety and security.
•    Is serving the aim of concealing an illegal activity.
•    Provokes rebellion against the government.
•    Doesn’t belong to you.
•    Conflicts with copyrights, moral rights, rights of property and right to publicity.
•    Is harmful content having Trojans and viruses?

•    You also agree that ThePackagingBase doesn’t filter any content. We can only do so when we figure it out to be needed and we it is done any of the employers of ThePackagingBase is in no way to be questioned. They will do this according to their sense and thus they can reject any content or any part of it if they deem it necessary. Mainly, we have the authority to reject your content in all situations if we find it in non-compliance with our terms and conditions mentioned clearly on our website. In this regard, there should be no questions and even if you ask, they won’t be catered. We are also at the liberty to reveal customer content when it is required by the law. In addition to that, we may also do so when we think that the content may be necessary for the following :

•    To follow the legal cases

•    Applicable to the terms and conditions of our company 

•    Properly respond to an accusation related to malign content.

•    Protect our rights and intellectual property 

Also when you provide us with the content, you should allow its rights to use to us so that we can use it and decide on our own what to do with it. Also, we make it ear we ThePackagingBase are not liable or reasonable or held accountable if you choose to get your boxes prepared from any third party websites mentioned that we have mentioned on our website.
The design paraphernalia and its implications:
We want you to know that we try our best to make all our design tools and accessories easily reachable by all the users. It is, however, notable to know that if you create and design, logo or trademark using our tools and samples, then you have no rights to own that design. It is only ThePackagingBase which will own it and have all its rights in all situations. Also, these designs will be accessible to all our clients. Thus it is clear that if you generate anything using the tools available on our website, it is only us who will open and not any other party and there will also be no combined ownership for it. Instead, only ThePackagingBase will own it fully.

But it is a major responsibility on your part that if anything is generated from your side through our designing tools, it should be completely new, original and not copied from anywhere. It is because of the reason that if you don’t comply with it, any legal cases are initiated; ThePackagingBase will not be responsible for that no matter what. Therefore, before picking a design we advise you to have your lawyer onboard first. 

Furthermore, on our website, you will come across several links that rill lead you to third-part websites and the content on these websites don’t have anything to do with us. We have to put these links up for better customers’ experience. But we are not responsible for this content we don’t validate its legality, legitimacy and efficiency. But we would suggest you to first read and review all the terms and conditions mentioned on these third party websites because it is solely your concern. And we are not accountable for that in any way whatsoever.

The distinction of that content that you upload:

We strongly advise you to check the following facts before putting up your content on our website.
It must have a one by one ratio. This means that the image you will print in the boxes must be fully clear. It should be smooth, high in regulation and must have the needed pixels. And if these requirements don’t match, ThePackagingBase will not be liable in any way when the textured layout appears before our clients. In this situation we can reject this content and request you to provide a nee one which is in line with our mentioned requirements. 

The content is perfect to be uploaded in the RGB form and ThePackagingBase is not responsible if there is any colour distortion seen by the clients.

The colour quality:

We want to guarantee our customers that our printing standard is best in the market. But despite the fate, we can’t unfortunately provide you with the exact colour shade because it is not possible to obtain the same results in colour when a box is being processed. This is because of the change in the colour shade that is found on computer screens during the reproduction process. It is the same with all RGB images. However, we are in no way liable for differences in shades from red to light red. You can discuss with us such minor differences beforehand and avoid any complications in the future. The UV coating and painting is another reason that is a response for causing slight changes in the shades. In any such situation, we are not responsible for anything.

The turnaround time of production:

ThePackagingBase has very fast turnaround time but usually, the speed of this time varies with the kind of product and the type of order. But if you don’t specify the time then it is you who will have to pay the delivery charges. It is important to let our customers know that we don’t include the time that is taken to ship the product from one address yo another hence the estimated time that is given to you on the bill is the turnaround time combined with shipping time. After the order is confirmed and you have paid us, there is no repayment for that amount.

We don’t ignore the facilitation of our customers. We make sure that our customers find the entire process quite easy. This is why we give our customers several turnaround times so that they can choose what is easy for them. Also, not all the given turnaround times apply to all products. Also, you can decide from the turnaround time that is separately gave for each product to what suits you the most.

Things to remember:

•    The pickup time is eight in the morning. So the orders that have been received for after six will be delivered the next day.
•    If the idea of free delivery is applicable, it will not be allowed to till the day when you will place your next and upcoming order. We can’t allow the same delivery with same-day turnaround.
•    But in several circumstances, we can print the boxes on the same day. This is completely based on our own will and hence we dint expect any questions or forced indulgence.

Next business day:

If we receive an order after eight in the morning, the order will be shipped soon the very next day. But all orders that are not finished by the eight in the morning will go to the field the next day and dispatcher the next day after that. 

The day coming the next day
If we receive an order by twelve, then the orders will be completed and shipped by the end of the next day. However, all the orders not received by twelve will be regarded as received the next day.

Day four to day seven

The tasks that will be necessary to production will be allowed only on the fourth day after being known of the preposition and then formally declared on the seventh day.

Please don’t forget

If there are any tasks that are found by ThePackagingBase doubtful of nature or quality having prominent faults, it is only after several checks and sufficient time-consuming efforts that the job will be approved.
Another important thing to consider is if you decide to go for group shipping, the time of delivery for your order will increase by a few more days.

The quantity that we ship

We are always very caring for our customers. Hence our mission is to fulfil their given requirements and meet the number of items that they asked us for. But having mentioned this, a discrepancy can arise and thus we may give away almost three percent more or less than the original quantity that was demanded by us. However, in this case, we are not liable to make any kind of price adjustments.

The proofreading need:

ThePackagingBase is fully free of the responsibility to check and analyse the content that you want on the boxes. Also, we will not review your logos for propriety or you rest of the content for having any sort of weight whatsoever. But the finalization of your order will only be dependant on what you provide at the time of submitting your order. Any errors on your end are not what we will be reasonable for, and we will also not the bear of outcomes for any errors done by you. Even if we find any changes necessary, we will never make them. Hence before submitting your orders, we advise you to go through it completely several times because we assume at every order placed is read and reviewed by the customers properly. So in case of any grammatical errors or other issues, we will certainly not be responsible. Therefore, all our clients are guided to completely review the full content they send into us because in case of any possible errors regarding layout, content and designing, we are free of our responsibility and it lies only on the shoulder of the customers. However, the content should be recent, updated and must be in a standard font size and calligraphy style.

ThePackagingBase will not be voluntarily taking any initiative to provide the customers with the proof for the content of the order which they have just placed. Therefore, if there is any such need, we advise our customers to contact us personally and reach out to our team for the completion of the demand arisen. However, we also want our customers to know that no order should be sent for process until they make a formal approval if the order via an email. If there is no formal approval, then, unfortunately, we will not be able to prices the order and take it forward. And this will have a negative effect on the dispatch time if your order. So after confirming the orders make sure that you provide us with a formal approval too.